Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tonights New s An Inconvenient Truth on H.Y.I.P s

By the time I write these words shortly after 10:30 pm Pacific Time, the entire world has most likely heard the new\'s that will continue to be rebroadcast over and over again.

I wonder what impact this will have on the future of our economy, our general human psyche and our image throughout the world ?

Briefly, the new\'s look to be turning things green on Bloomberg and people are literally celebrating in the streets. How long might this last ? What will the next new\'s cycle bring ? Is this all a distraction ?

There\'s allot going on in the world and I am very sure that I don\'t have all the answers but, like everyone else out here, I have my opinions.

What\'s yours ???

Now on to an important message and some thoughts on High Yield Investment Programs and yes most, many, more than a majority are all simply HYPE. Nothing more than designed to over promise the world while finding a way to get you to open up that wallet and make someone else out there very rich while you are left wondering to yourself. " What the heck was I thinking ? "

I know that I have been there and am sure that many of you have seen or even attempted some of these programs.

What was your experience ?

I am going to give the link here if after reading this brief introduction if you want to read the entire write up by one of the founders of The Wealth Vault

The bottom line here is that absolute due diligence and thorough research must be conducted before spending a single penny on any of these programs.

Now on to the thoughts by Brad

" The Inconvenient Truth Behind High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP�s)

by Brad Wajnman

I was introduced to the world of HYIP�s back in 2002. Like most people, I dipped my toes in the water more than a few times and got burned in almost every case.

In fact, I took enough hits to make anyone�s bank account look like a friggin� ghost town.

Altogether I�d say I�ve easily lost well over $100,000 on all kinds of HYIP scams of one form or another. And each time it happened, it left me feeling like I just got sucker-punched in the face with a 10-pound sledge hammer.

To newbie investors, HYIP�s might appear to be the fast path to riches, but this flawed assumption is usually based on overblown optimism and lack of experience.

One of the biggest challenges many HYIP enthusiasts face is that they simply don�t know how to conduct proper due diligence to determine whether a high yield investment opportunity is legit or not.

As a consequence, they continue to flush their hard earned money down the drain by focusing on typical

Click here to read the full article... �"

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