Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Content ? The Big Apple Inc. , Mobile Apps More...


A few blog posts back I mentioned briefly about "skimming from many pots."

I\'d like to go ahead and expand on that a little here with this post. I must tell you now that what I am about to do is cut and paste from the latest corporate blog post of one of the few publicly traded digital content distribution and mobile app creation companies.

Of which, I act as an independent agent. My position is to research and secure new content. This post is long because I am going to include the "legal disclaimers" at the end. Why I am adding this here on my own blog post ? Because, I intend to get the word out there on both what my role is and on the company in general.

In specific please read the part containing, " our sales team will be targeting the thousands of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and other publishers who generate periodic content."

Thanks for reading...

If you believe that you have the content that would fit this mobile subscription app modelling structure then please contact me at calicore3 at the g to the mail

"Metatron is proud to announce it has recently surpassed the half million mark with 538,285 total i-Mobilize App downloads, in over 100 countries worldwide, independently verified by third-party app-stat record keeper Appfigures.

Since inception the Company has averaged over 1000 downloads and updates a day with iPhone/iPad Apps.
On average about 30,000 people a day use our apps and we have generated 280,000I iAd impressions in the last 30 days alone.

We expect our large user base to be instrumental in creating significant future revenue streams with into our new auto-recurring subscription apps coming out soon. The company plans on offering subscription based apps for all of its major current clients and our sales team will be targeting the thousands of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and other publishers who generate periodic content.

Recently the general availability of automatic recurring subscription billing for iPhone/iPad apps was made available. The Company has been developing its own subscription solution for content owners. Our App software manages the key requirements around iTunes subscriptions policy, such as content delivery, user management and content recovery.

iTunes now gives the publisher the ability to gather information about their subscribers. Data like full name, email address and zip code help publishers understand more about the demographics of their subscriber base. We�ll be updating our subscription solution to support the ability to gather, track and manage this kind of data from our Apps well. We will be working on offering these same features across other platforms like Android and BlackBerry.

Forward-Looking Statements: Any statements made in this press release which are not historical facts contain certain forward-looking statements, as such term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995, concerning potential developments affecting the business, prospects, financial condition and other aspects of the company to which this release pertains. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results of the specific items described in this release, and the company�s operations generally, to differ materially from what is projected in such forward-looking statements. Although such statements are based upon the best judgments of management of the company as of the date of this release, significant deviations in magnitude, timing and other factors may result from business risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, the company�s need for additional financing, which is not assured and which may result in dilution of shareholders, the company�s status as a small company with a limited operating history, dependence on third parties and the continuing popularity of the iOS operating system, general market and economic conditions, technical factors, receipt of revenues, and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of the company. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements. Moreover, neither we nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such statements, and we disclaim any obligation to update information contained in any forward-looking statement. "


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, Managed Trading Accounts 17 Steps...


To live a healthier, wealthier and wisdom filled life.

I\'ve read a few "self help" books in my 35 years of existence on this big spinning rock floating through the Universe. Most of it seems to re hash the same old themes but it\'s alway\'s nice to get a little dose now and then to simply remind yourself that you are bigger and more complex or simpler than you might believe.

These 17 steps were outlined in a previous WealthWire report coming from the website of a Mr. Richard Cawte ( of whom I had never knew about until a couple day\'s back )
You can go ahead and read the complete article and link here at

Now onto Memorial Day here in the Good Ol U S of A

My father is a disabled Vietnam Vet and I grew up knowing all to well the sacrifices and experiences that our men / woman in uniform go through to keep us living the way we do here.
As we enjoy our day off ( o.k. not me, I have to be at work soon ) and fire up that grill or head to the beach. Take a little time to think about what\'s this Holiday is all about. Raise your Flag and give thanks. This is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Alright, briefly into Managed Trading Accounts. I have been a Member of The Wealth Vault since it\'s founding and have followed Brad since around 05. These guy\'s resonate with me in their thinking and approach taken to the subject of wealth creation, preservation and multiplication.

This report is available to all paid Wealth Vault subscribers or if you wanted to purchase it as a stand alone product, I believe there is an associated link.

Giving it over to Brad for a short review.
Thanks for reading...


" �Passive� Investment Income Through Managed Trading Accounts (MTAs)

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction of our 32-page report, Auto-Pilot ROI � How to Earn Hands-Off Investment Returns with Managed Trading Accounts.

Note: This report is included with a paid WV membership. Or, you can purchase it � la carte here�
by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

If you have money in the stock market, CDs, savings accounts, IRAs, pension plans, or any other investments and you�re NOT getting above-average market returns, then pay close attention� this may be the most important report you�ve ever read.

Because in 2008, while most investors saw their portfolios drop by 40% or more, my net overall return that year was over 173%.

It�s important that you understand something here: no stock broker or financial advisor cares about your hard earned money like you do. We�re all currently living in the perfect economic storm and there�s a good chance that you�re going to get screwed if you... "

Click here to keep reading...

Friday, May 27, 2011

F.U. Face Book ???


Do you value yourself ? Do you value your identity ? Your likes and dislikes ? Who you know and who they know and what they like and don\'t like ? Do you share personal information such as your sex, your age, your relationship status, the color of hair or your favorite whatever ? Do you share photos of your life and your innermost feelings online ? Are you constantly updating and letting others know who, what, where, when and how you are living your life ?

So many of us do and even with these words I am giving you ( an unknown reader ) a potential look under the hood of my mind where you can choose to come to any and all conclusions you may think on who I REALLY am.

If knowledge is power then information is gold to those who would choose to use this tool in order to sell you something, anything. Sometimes without even you knowing that you wanted or needed it in the first place.

Advertising...chaa - chinngg

Now what if we took that theory and turned it on it\'s side. Created a sense of value towards our identity. Would you pay me to know me ? Would you pay me to see these words ? To see a video or photos from my past, present or future ?

Would I do the same with you ?

Honestly I do not know...but there is a man out there who has given much thought on these matters and not only that but he is recruiting ( not sure if that is the correct word ) but he is bringing in others whom\'s to " pick their brains " on the subjects of privacy, ownership and monetization of information. It\'s not really any surprise that these are the youths of today ranging from 16 to 25 year olds ( more data / info )

This WealthWire brief description will give you an over view and you can click the link to read more of follow to the original article on Fast Company.

It caught my attention so much that I decided to head over to the site and sign up myself ( in private invitation beta mode only at the moment )

Le\'t see how this shakes up the whole social media marketing/advertising and monetization world.
Thanks for reading...

"Swedish entrepreneur wants to overthrow facebook
by David Zax

A new social network, MyCube, thinks that we devalue our information when we give it away for free. Founded by Swedish entrepreneur Johan Sta�l von Holstein, MyCube offers users the chance to monetize their data, through advertising or a system of �nanopayments.�

Johan Sta�l von Holstein doesn�t seem to like Mark Zuckerberg.

�I have 5,000 friends on Facebook,� says the Swedish-born entrepreneur, who lives in Singapore, but was about to board a flight from Barcelona to Germany, and then to Dubai, when we spoke by phone. �I could have had 10,000, but Mark Zuckerberg only lets me have five. I could have sent out an article to all of them, but I can�t, because Mark Zuckerberg only lets me send to 20 people. Mark Zuckerberg doesn�t let me do mass communication.�

Sta�l von Holstein is launching a Facebook competitor out of Singapore called MyCube; it�s currently in private beta. To hear Sta�l von Holstein tell...

Click here to read the full article... �"

( If I had enough or any subscribers at all I would send this out far and wide)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Myself, Oprah The End Of The World...


It\'s late night here in San Diego ( approx 12:30 am ) and it seems as if every late night talk show host or even KPBS is talking about that beautiful, powerful, respected and more, more, more woman. The Big O...

What do myself and Oprah have in common ?

We share the same date of birth. Not the same year but the same month and day. I am not sure exactly what time she was born ( I do know what time I was born ) but we are both of the Water Bearing Sign. Add the month and the day and it would equal to a number that some see as a powerful symbol
January 29th...

Maybe that\'s all I really share with her but I enjoy to share it with you. Thanks

Now on to the WealthWire ( By the way the earth is still spinning and these words are still turning )
and here we go...

"A marketing lesson from the apocalypse

by Seth Godin
Author of the incredible book, Poke The Box

If you�re reading this blog, then the world didn�t end, at least in my time zone.

How does one market the end of the world? After all, you don�t have a big ad budget. Your �product� is something that has been marketed again and again through the ages and it has never worked. There�s significant peer pressure not to buy it�

And yet, every time, people succumb. They sell their belongings, stop paying into their kid�s college fund and create tension and despair.

Here�s the simple lesson:

Sell a story that some people want to believe. In fact, sell a story they already believe.

The story has to be integrated into your product. The iPad, for example, wasn�t something that people were clamoring for� but the story of it, the magic tablet, the universal book, the ticket to the fashion-geek tribe�there was a line out the door for that. The same way that every...

Click here to read the full article... �
http://nanacast.com/vp/95713/40942/ "

Thanks for reading and yes I do realize I kind of missed the news cycle with the whole "end of the world thing" but I thought about my title up there and thought it would fit.

Until December 2012


Next time I am going to speak of skimming from several different pot\'s ( maybe )

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Frank Kern, 81.2% Return $ Value Driven Propositions...


A couple day\'s back I spoke about the topic of Value. I wanted to expand on this thought in regards to what defines value. Suppose I could go ahead and google define or webster dictionary define but thought I would give my own. As bloggers here, we are all giving our "opinions" on something or another.

Value: An addition of "something" given to provide for that which you may lack or seek to attract. Currency ? Knowledge ? Know How ? Or ?

I believe we all know when something of value has been bestowed upon us. But, what can myself or you offer ???

Alright, now onto the Frank Kern topic. Tomorrow will be the first San Diego Internet Marketing Party at a yet disclosed location downtown San Diego. The parties have been super successful in Austin Texas and am sure they will be here in SD since people are flying in from all over the place. Not sure if I will be " partying like a gansta " as the website states but I am hoping to achieve some tidbits of knowledge to help me better learn, earn then return.
And you know what the best part of this value driven proposition is ?

It\'s FREE and Mr. Kern will not be "pitching" a single thing.
Networking, Knowledge and Good Time\'s
That\'s value to me...

Now to an 81.2% Return Average Over Ten Years. You can find the complete article in the WealthWire or better yet subscribe and "Enter The Wealth Vault."

"81.2% Average Annual Returns Over 10 Years

by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

During periods of extreme market volatility (which has become the new normal lately), many investors tend to want to run to EXTREME safety by parking an inordinate large chunk (instead of a resonable protective amount) of their investable cash into low-yielding investment vehicles such as CDs, money market accounts and government bonds.

Fearful of losing money, they think that sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the markets to �calm down� is the smartest way to preserve their nest eggs. And while their money may be �safer� tucked away in one of those fixed-return instruments, as one hip hop rapper so eloquently put it, �scared money makes no money, bold money makes mo money.�

Thing is, if you don�t want to wait decades to multiply your money the old-fashioned conventional way, then you�ve gotta be willing to look outside the box and realize that, regardless of what you...

Click here to read the full article... �

Now I am curious to find out the whom that hip hop rapper is whom is quoted.
I like that enough to close this blog post with it again here

" Scared Money Makes No Money, Bold Money Makes Mo Money. "

Cool...Thanks For Reading


Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Gold, Flooding and The Class That Build Fortunes (Think Apps FB)


There\'s allot happening in world today. Everything from politics to lifestyle and environment. If you hadn\'t heard there\'s some serious flooding going on here in America along the great Mississippi River.

Not only does this affect the people all along the river but commerce is effected and this will effect everyone. The ease of movement of goods along that " Blue Gold. "

A surprising fact in regards to fresh water

" There�s no more fresh water on Earth today than there was a million years ago. Yet today, 6 billion people share it. "

And yet the population continues to grow. Simple supply and demand proves that we need to find better way\'s to manage this precious supply.

And there are those companies out there who\'s only mission is to do only that. Some say that water is the next oil. What do you think ?

In the latest Wealth Wire there is a teaser outline for a deeply researched report within this industry. The links up there at the top of this post.

Now, I am going to do a simple little cut and paste from the WW on the "FaceBook Class."
As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am involved in this world.
It is both fun and rewarding but not as easy as this article may have you believe.
Yet, there are still those out there that are challenging this business model and making it.

Thanks for reading...

" The class that built fortunes

by David Carr

ALL right, class, here�s your homework assignment: Devise an app. Get people to use it. Repeat.

That was the task for some Stanford students in the fall of 2007, in what became known here as the �Facebook Class.�

No one expected what happened next.

The students ended up getting millions of users for free apps that they designed to run on Facebook. And, as advertising rolled in, some of those students started making far more money than their professors.

Almost overnight, the Facebook Class fired up the careers and fortunes of more than two dozen students and teachers here. It also helped to pioneer a new model of entrepreneurship that has upturned the tech establishment: the lean start-up.

�Everything was happening so fast,� recalls Joachim De Lombaert, now 23. His team�s app netted $3,000 a day and morphed into a company that later sold for a six-figure sum.

�I almost didn�t realize what it all meant,� he says.

Neither did many of his classmates. Back...

Click here to read the full article... �

Friday, May 13, 2011

Am I a Hypocrite? Why Marketing and Passive Income Don t Mix


So, this really got me thinking about what am I really doing here online. I wake in the morning to see my inbox filled with nothing but promises. Promises for instant cash in your bank account, the next big thing in marketing, pre-launch, pre-pre-launch, hey I haven\'t even begun the thought about what I am about to do
you had better sign up now for a "fr*e^e" membership" and get on board or your s*%t out of luck my friend

And I tell you what this get\'s me on a tangent on. When someone writes out in their marketing copy the word FREE. Why do they need to break it up so it DOES NOT completely spell the word FREE ???

Because most likely it\'s not. Wow, that really bugs me but I digress...

I feel sometimes as if I am a hypocrite because I do what most likely many of you do. With these words here I am marketing. I am writing copy in order to get you to visit my aff link ( located at the top up there or even here)

Enough already. I am going to pass this along to the small portion of the Wealth Wire that caught my attention and inspired me to write these words.
On another thought, it\'s value first that must be proven and given for others to receive. If your offer does not add or contain value that others can see or feel all within the seconds or so that they may click then leave
then it\'s not going to work.

Maybe this will be a topic for my next rant or er I mean blog. Thanks for reading....

" Why �Marketing� and �Passive Income� Don�t Mix

by Heather Vale

Over the past few years, the whole concept of creating, running and building an online business has been sliding downhill faster than the Jamaican bobsled team on sleek ice.

And some people who present themselves as teachers are treading on thin ice.

First of all, there�s the trend of people calling themselves �internet marketers� and wearing the label like a badge.

It�s very misleading, because it implies that �marketing� is all you have to do to be successful online; by contrast, most top �internet marketers� have full-fledged businesses, and understand that marketing is only one small piece of the pie�

Sure, there are those out there who just love the idea of �marketing,� as affiliates for other people�s products.

Some are traffic experts in their own rights, and deftly use CPA, PPC, and other forms of paid advertising to focus their skills on sending prospects to another business.

But when these same people try to tap into a more...

Click here to read the full article... � "

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You can only get this full content after NOON today p.s.t. (It s Now 10:31)


Teaser Alert, Teaser Alert, Teaser Alert ( As though you didn\'t get it from the title above )

Free Insider Trading Service

High Yield Passive Paychecks

I leave this blog post in the capable hands of Brad. This is from the email received this morning and you can believe that today after Noon pacific time I will be checking into my Wealth Vault account to see what this content is all about.

Cheers and thanks for reading...

High-Yielding Passive Paychecks Advisory Added

Here�s a preview of a vetted investment resource we�ll be adding to our Traditonal Investments Page (TIP) latter today.

NOTE: the content that this teaser refers to will be available inside the Wealth Vault after Noon, PST, today.

by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

High-Yielding Passive Paychecks Advisory Added: Okay, what�s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dividend stocks?


Slow moving?�

Boring returns?�

Something only reserved for grandmothers?

If any of these sound familiar it�s because they�re some of the biggest myths surrounding income investing. For decades, this class of IVs (Investment Vehicles) has had an unfair stigma attached to it.

Many people still think that dividend payers (also known as �widow and orphan� stocks) offer no growth and only pay out scrawny dividends in order to hold on to their long-term investors.

�Sure, they�re fine if...

Click here to read the full article... �

Free Insider Trading Resource

Here�s a preview of a vetted investment resource we�ll be adding to our Traditonal Investments Page (TIP) latter today.

NOTE: the content that this teaser refers to will be available inside the Wealth Vault after Noon, PST, today.

by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

Free Insider Trading Resource: Have you ever received a �hot tip� from a friend or family member on a stock they said was gonna be �the next Microsoft?�

Who hasn�t, right?

Tips like these have been passed around like a hand-me-down jacket.

Personally, I�ve lost track of how many rumors I�ve heard over the years about how someone who knows someone else knows a friend that has insider knowledge that a company�s stock is on the verge of exploding� oh, and we�re all gonna get rich� but only if we buy some right away.

Of course, there�s no way of verifying whether these rumors are true unless the information is made public.

Click here to read the full article... �

Absolute Abundance Ron Paul Defined


Do we really know our absolute abundance we share here within her borders ?

From Sea to Shining Sea, we really have it good. Even to be writing these words on a computer screen that is powered by electricity. A roof over my head, food in the fridge and warm bead waiting for me. "Lay your\'e weary head here and rest."

I enjoy to watch the travel channel, the history channel and even last night flipped onto the military channel where the image on the screen are so foreign to me that I couldn\'t grasp in any way what so over the hardships that beamed into my living room.

Could you imagine ???

How wide is my viewpoint ? What do I really know of the world around me ? There will be a time I am sure that I will put aside any fears of the unknown, any doubts that I couldn\'t, shouldn\'t or wouldn\'t do it

and I will simply go...

Now onto a Wealth Wire Bit on a man whom is defined by his words and is able to stand behind them. I will not give my personal opinion or position on politics in this blog. This is not the intent. But, you can\'t disagree that politics and money are (and alway\'s have been) so much intertwined that there are ripple effects that come back to both you and me.

This is one man\'s opinion on yet another mans opinion

Of course, your\'s is your\'s alone. So read on and take in what you believe to be true and do with the rest as you wish.


" Ron Paul�s Liberty Defined

by Gary Gibson
Sometimes Ron Paul seems too good to be true. For decades he has championed the cause of liberty and sound monetary and geopolitical policy. He has done this in the very heart of the Leviathan state even as the federal government has accelerated its expansion in the postwar years. Further Dr. Paul has repeatedly presented his case in print in clear language.
Liberty Defined is the latest timely addition to those efforts.
The format is one we�ve seen before in books like Libertarianism A to Z. In Liberty Defined, the introduction lays out the overarching principles of liberty and anti-authoritarianism. The book itself then devotes each chapter to an individual issue, starting with abortion, then moving through things like Austrian economics, capital punishment, evolution and creation, global warming, hate crimes, Keynesianism, taxes, unions and much more.
The chapters are fairly short at just a few pages each, written in clear language that seeks to discuss and educate. Each chapter is a delight to read, particularly for lovers of liberty, but even when you don�t fully agree with Dr. Paul, you�ll find his position compelling and his honesty and consistency incredibly refreshing.
�The phrase �Austrian School� or �Austrian economics�� Dr. Paul writes, �is not something I ever expected would enter into the vocabulary of politics or media in culture. But since 2008, it has. Reporters use it with some degree of understanding, and with an expectation that readers and viewers will understand it too. This just thrilling to me, for I am a long-time student of the Austrian tradition of thought.�
And no doubt many readers will share Dr. Paul�s joy. They will also note that it is Dr. Paul himself who has been tirelessly campaigning for the free market principles of the Austrian School for the past several years.
Continue Reading�

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Why Real Research Pays...


Have you called your Mom to thank her for bringing you into this world and for all the unconditional LOVE she has given to you ?

If not, stop reading and get on that phone or surprise her with visit. (Breakfast in bed, Flower\'s, A Handmade card ?)

And now onto why real research pays when it comes to cutting through so much of the bU!l that\'s out there on the subject of money making.

It\'s not only about making it but about how to properly manage it and then multiply it. Have it working for you not the other way around.

I am sending it off to the latest WealthWire report here from Barry
Thanks For Reading...

Our Research Delivers Real-World Results!

There\'s not a week that goes by that we don\'t get positive praise and gratuitous feedback for the weekly insights, resources, and ideas we bring to our members.

We realize there\'s a multitude of reasons you can justify not being a part of our flagship private income and wealth-generation club.

They range from the simple � mental memes about people in this industry not doing good transparent things for all the right reasons � to the contrived... sitting at home spending more time watching shows like American Greed than finding ways to put your savings to work outside the methods you\'ve been taught.

A wise man once said: "The more I know, the less I understand!"

We\'re a fully-committed research organization that will help you better understand the best places to make, manage, and multiply your money. We help thousands of paid-up members sift through the clutter via our Mailbag. And our weekly updates are constantly full of new and interesting investment ideas.

So, why aren\'t you part of our world yet?

( If you are, of course, I\'m not talking to you :)

Send us an email and let us know what\'s keeping you from being a part of our \'Wealth Vault\' world.

I\'ll make sure somebody personally gets back to you.

Or, maybe our new informational video will help too.

Your Partner in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry Goss
Founding Editor
The Wealth Vault

An LWL Media managed product.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

IBS on FB? Where are my friends ?


So, I was going to do a blog post related to H.Y.I.P\'s ( I recently saw a posting offering ridiculous returns on a Forex trading site)
If you read even a little from my last post from Brad\'s perspective on these, you wouldn\'t touch something like this with a ten foot pole. And if you wanted to get that whole article then please let me know and I will send along the direct link or go ahead and search within the WealthWire free content for H.Y.I.P\'s.

Today I received an email from one of the owner\'s of a list building service of which I recently signed up for. ( I am not sure how many emails I can possibly process in a day but I went ahead and signed up for the initial free credits )

Oops, it\'s not IBS on FB but the list builder "LIST BUILDER" ( I am sure that IBS is on FB ) I would also suspect, or you had better be somewhere on FB to get a little marketing going on.

I am there both as a real person and as yet another community figure and as yet a ??? Really, I forgot but I did purchase a FB Fanpage tutorial from a man who has a ton of friends and therefore a ton of pull in the marketing world.


2 People Like Me and Yes, I am One.


I am really getting off track here as it\'s getting a little late here and if you have read up to this point....thanks

So, I wanted to know how to get a few "friends" here at IBS. What\'s the secret ?

Now a little copy and paste from the last Wealth Wire and time to get the pizza out of the oven

In This Wire...

Stocks rise after news of bin Laden death; oil slides
The Online World of Female Desire
Are You A Smart Money Investor?
Steve Forbes Interview: Billionaire Investor Ken Fisher
How to Couch Surf Your Way Across The World
3 Billionaire Habits for Non-Billionaires
More Recent Articles

(Yeah, the first one I clicked on was probably the same as you)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tonights New s An Inconvenient Truth on H.Y.I.P s


By the time I write these words shortly after 10:30 pm Pacific Time, the entire world has most likely heard the new\'s that will continue to be rebroadcast over and over again.

I wonder what impact this will have on the future of our economy, our general human psyche and our image throughout the world ?

Briefly, the new\'s look to be turning things green on Bloomberg and people are literally celebrating in the streets. How long might this last ? What will the next new\'s cycle bring ? Is this all a distraction ?

There\'s allot going on in the world and I am very sure that I don\'t have all the answers but, like everyone else out here, I have my opinions.

What\'s yours ???

Now on to an important message and some thoughts on High Yield Investment Programs and yes most, many, more than a majority are all simply HYPE. Nothing more than designed to over promise the world while finding a way to get you to open up that wallet and make someone else out there very rich while you are left wondering to yourself. " What the heck was I thinking ? "

I know that I have been there and am sure that many of you have seen or even attempted some of these programs.

What was your experience ?

I am going to give the link here if after reading this brief introduction if you want to read the entire write up by one of the founders of The Wealth Vault

The bottom line here is that absolute due diligence and thorough research must be conducted before spending a single penny on any of these programs.

Now on to the thoughts by Brad

" The Inconvenient Truth Behind High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP�s)

by Brad Wajnman

I was introduced to the world of HYIP�s back in 2002. Like most people, I dipped my toes in the water more than a few times and got burned in almost every case.

In fact, I took enough hits to make anyone�s bank account look like a friggin� ghost town.

Altogether I�d say I�ve easily lost well over $100,000 on all kinds of HYIP scams of one form or another. And each time it happened, it left me feeling like I just got sucker-punched in the face with a 10-pound sledge hammer.

To newbie investors, HYIP�s might appear to be the fast path to riches, but this flawed assumption is usually based on overblown optimism and lack of experience.

One of the biggest challenges many HYIP enthusiasts face is that they simply don�t know how to conduct proper due diligence to determine whether a high yield investment opportunity is legit or not.

As a consequence, they continue to flush their hard earned money down the drain by focusing on typical

Click here to read the full article... �"

Thanks for reading