Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Frank Kern, 81.2% Return $ Value Driven Propositions...


A couple day\'s back I spoke about the topic of Value. I wanted to expand on this thought in regards to what defines value. Suppose I could go ahead and google define or webster dictionary define but thought I would give my own. As bloggers here, we are all giving our "opinions" on something or another.

Value: An addition of "something" given to provide for that which you may lack or seek to attract. Currency ? Knowledge ? Know How ? Or ?

I believe we all know when something of value has been bestowed upon us. But, what can myself or you offer ???

Alright, now onto the Frank Kern topic. Tomorrow will be the first San Diego Internet Marketing Party at a yet disclosed location downtown San Diego. The parties have been super successful in Austin Texas and am sure they will be here in SD since people are flying in from all over the place. Not sure if I will be " partying like a gansta " as the website states but I am hoping to achieve some tidbits of knowledge to help me better learn, earn then return.
And you know what the best part of this value driven proposition is ?

It\'s FREE and Mr. Kern will not be "pitching" a single thing.
Networking, Knowledge and Good Time\'s
That\'s value to me...

Now to an 81.2% Return Average Over Ten Years. You can find the complete article in the WealthWire or better yet subscribe and "Enter The Wealth Vault."

"81.2% Average Annual Returns Over 10 Years

by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

During periods of extreme market volatility (which has become the new normal lately), many investors tend to want to run to EXTREME safety by parking an inordinate large chunk (instead of a resonable protective amount) of their investable cash into low-yielding investment vehicles such as CDs, money market accounts and government bonds.

Fearful of losing money, they think that sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the markets to �calm down� is the smartest way to preserve their nest eggs. And while their money may be �safer� tucked away in one of those fixed-return instruments, as one hip hop rapper so eloquently put it, �scared money makes no money, bold money makes mo money.�

Thing is, if you don�t want to wait decades to multiply your money the old-fashioned conventional way, then you�ve gotta be willing to look outside the box and realize that, regardless of what you...

Click here to read the full article... �

Now I am curious to find out the whom that hip hop rapper is whom is quoted.
I like that enough to close this blog post with it again here

" Scared Money Makes No Money, Bold Money Makes Mo Money. "

Cool...Thanks For Reading

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