Friday, May 13, 2011

Am I a Hypocrite? Why Marketing and Passive Income Don t Mix

So, this really got me thinking about what am I really doing here online. I wake in the morning to see my inbox filled with nothing but promises. Promises for instant cash in your bank account, the next big thing in marketing, pre-launch, pre-pre-launch, hey I haven\'t even begun the thought about what I am about to do
you had better sign up now for a "fr*e^e" membership" and get on board or your s*%t out of luck my friend

And I tell you what this get\'s me on a tangent on. When someone writes out in their marketing copy the word FREE. Why do they need to break it up so it DOES NOT completely spell the word FREE ???

Because most likely it\'s not. Wow, that really bugs me but I digress...

I feel sometimes as if I am a hypocrite because I do what most likely many of you do. With these words here I am marketing. I am writing copy in order to get you to visit my aff link ( located at the top up there or even here)

Enough already. I am going to pass this along to the small portion of the Wealth Wire that caught my attention and inspired me to write these words.
On another thought, it\'s value first that must be proven and given for others to receive. If your offer does not add or contain value that others can see or feel all within the seconds or so that they may click then leave
then it\'s not going to work.

Maybe this will be a topic for my next rant or er I mean blog. Thanks for reading....

" Why �Marketing� and �Passive Income� Don�t Mix

by Heather Vale

Over the past few years, the whole concept of creating, running and building an online business has been sliding downhill faster than the Jamaican bobsled team on sleek ice.

And some people who present themselves as teachers are treading on thin ice.

First of all, there�s the trend of people calling themselves �internet marketers� and wearing the label like a badge.

It�s very misleading, because it implies that �marketing� is all you have to do to be successful online; by contrast, most top �internet marketers� have full-fledged businesses, and understand that marketing is only one small piece of the pie�

Sure, there are those out there who just love the idea of �marketing,� as affiliates for other people�s products.

Some are traffic experts in their own rights, and deftly use CPA, PPC, and other forms of paid advertising to focus their skills on sending prospects to another business.

But when these same people try to tap into a more...

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