Saturday, April 17, 2010

Team In Training Rock N Roll

This is the year. I committed and made my first training run this morning. It has been since high school since being on a track. I ran a steady first mile at 9:25 and will continue. The event is not going to be the whole marathon, no not this year, or even the half marathon. ( what am I sounding whimpy here ) I will be running a relay race. There will be 4 of us splitting up the course. My part will be approx 8 miles.

I have a goal to raise 500 dollars.
There will be a link coming on Monday from the Team In Training website to go directly to my donation page.

Look, there are only 2 people who follow this blog. ( and one of those is me )
But, I will still post a blog here
Only to let myself know that this is the real deal.
Time to get the feet and mind ready for a challenge beyond myself.