Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Need To Simply Play

Tonight, as in most nights, I was flipping through the hundreds of different choices of what might grab my attention on that new large piece of technology that I bought for myself when moving into my one bedroom apt here in Pacific Beach San Diego.

Believe it or not this was my first ever purchase of a television...and a flat screen, state of the art, GoogleTV non the less.

I caught the last ten minutes of a show on CNBC ( or somewhere ) with a title that included the words " attention " " technology " and " crack berry. "

Funny in that I flip the show off then flip the computer on to blog these words.

I am sure you get the gist of it all...

On the one hand we are all interconnected but does it take an electronic device or a social network platform for us to realize this
On the other hand technology is a tool that can help to make our world smaller and connect us with each other in way\'s not before thought of

( O.K. Honestly I believe that we might even be able to be even more connected without the use of this technology. Our brain being the most complex computer ever with only a small percentage actually being made use of )

But I digress....

I graduated from SDSU with a Degree in Recreation Systems Management in 1999

Play, Flow, Fun, Experience, Interaction, Challenge, Games and so much more were a big part of my actual college curriculum.

But how often do we stop, disconnect and simply be wherever we may be or play a game of hide and seek. (even with ourselves)

Play is fundamental to brain connectivity and growth.
Play is fundamental tool we must learn as children to become social.
Play is a fundamental part of what it is to be human.

How many of us have gotten out there to do what brings us joy today ?

That concludes my thought and blog post for this last night in July 2011.

Thanks For Reading

Wanna discuss a little about financials ? Let\'s see what happens in the next couple day\'s with this whole political/media circus show...

Cheers !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Corey Jackson, Corey A Jackson Corey R Jackson ( That s Me )


Now I know that at one point or another ( at least since the birth of Google ) you have thought to yourself.

" I wonder what\'s out there about me "

and you did it. You "Googled" yourself. Interesting huh ? This is me on or in the internet. This is a digital mirror put up in cyberspace that will let you know a little about who I am and how I operate. But really, there\'s a big world out there and how many people can really ( I mean really ) know who you are...

In either case, if you haven\'t already done it go ahead and give it a go. See what comes up

Tonight, I have been giving consideration into moving a domain name I have with Go Daddy into my own personal site.

At one point you\'ve really got " brand " yourself. The best way is to get your own domain name being your own name and taking it from there.

But, what if there\'s already a person with the same name. Even going so far as a fairly close same middle initial ?

Well, what I am going to do here is give them a little bit of props in my blog. Cool name, cool sites and cool, positive personas here. So, here they are with a quick link.

A Musician

Another Musician / Composer


( Coming Soon To A Website Near You )

Thanks for reading
Corey R Jackson
"Corey R Action Jackson"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends, Money, Interests A Contest...

This is going to brief because I really wasn\'t intending to write out a blog post today or tonight or right at this moment


Here it is and this is what I have to say about the topics listed above:

1. I only now found out how to add " friends " here on IBS and have so far added those who are in the San Diego area. ( If you\'d like to " friend " me, please get a hold of me and I would be happy to exchange eyeballs )
That is, I\'ll check out your blog if you check out mine...Cool Thanks

2. What is No One Here Interested In MONEY ???
I have been searching users here in the IBS database for such Interests and topics such as " stocks ", " invest " passive " profits " and even the most generic of terms " cash " / " money "

Nothing... It looks like I should be adding these word to my profile...

By the way, I was going to be doing my next post and then set a link here to a book I will be picking up soon called THE SOUL OF MONEY

Have you heard of it ?

A like minded fellow by the name of Jonathan Budd has a great video that I am about half way through on this very topic and book

Money , Relationships , Health

You could write a whole book on it. ( oh yeah, there are thousands )

And lastly, this little contest that Walt is putting on. Cool

Let\'s see hear. So far I have a little over 1200 views to this blog. ( maybe someone is actually reading these words and not simply waiting for the credits ) Either way. Cool.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Why People (Maybe Even You) Have $Money$ Problems Thanks Walt

First off Thanks Walt for being so generous with adding on the mailing credits for that little mishap with the servers. It\'s really appreciated that you keep adding value here on Instant Blog Subscribers.

Secondly, Why haven\'t I posted in over 2 weeks ? Am I lazy ? Have I been busy ? Do I simply have nothing at all of value to say ?

This comes into play with the title and topic of this posting and a question that has been running through my mind over the past few weeks. I believe we all have unique talents. I believe we all have something of value to offer the world. I believe that we are fully capable of accessing these talents and values to empower our own lives. To build the lifestyles of our own creation and that these resources are always there.

But, how do we tap into this ? How do we access what is already there ? How do we gain from what is already available to us all ?

Simply Questions that have been running through my mind ( and maybe even yours )

Now onto the topic of this past weeks Wealth Wire. Here comes the quotes, now take it away Barry
Thanks for reading
Corey R Jackson

"by Barry Goss
Recently we asked our paid-up Wealth Vault members to take a quick survey � one that would allow us to gauge where they�re at with their financial growth, what they want to see more, their mindset towards actually putting our investment research to use, etc.
We weren�t surprised that we received several comments from members about not having enough discretionary capital to invest. However, we also had a member mention that she wanted to be able to replace her current income and eventually become a full-time passive investor, so here�s our take on this�
[ NOTE: This is an excerpt from our 2010 Survey wrap-up -- my and Brad\'s commentary to our members about the key responses that kept popping up. We\'re passing it on here, as it will lead to another point, so keep reading... ]
Start excerpt:
If you want to replace your income and be a full-time passive or active investor� OR if you want to have more investment capital to use in various investment-vehicles (IVs)� then you�ve got a couple of primary paths you can take:
#1) You can trade more time for someone else�s money (at a job), which is our least favorite option � as you have absolutely no leverage.
#2) Or you can generate more cash-flow to use for investing (like we do) by starting a part-time business on the side, or growing an existing business. Owning a business and investing in passive IVs from a portion of your profits is the smartest way � in our opinion � to use leverage in the most optimal way.
>> Do you have a particular passion or an expertise that the world needs?
>> Are there any problems you love to solve?
>> Are any of these related to the three highest in-demand and highly-paid markets (money, health, or relationships)?
The simple truth is that if you want to make more money (outside of slaving for someone else your whole life), then you�ve gotta find a way to add value to the world or solve a problem�
And if you don�t want to solve it yourself, hook up with someone else who�s already doing it, and refer business to them. That�s what referral or affiliate programs allow you to do. "