Sunday, July 24, 2011

Corey Jackson, Corey A Jackson Corey R Jackson ( That s Me )


Now I know that at one point or another ( at least since the birth of Google ) you have thought to yourself.

" I wonder what\'s out there about me "

and you did it. You "Googled" yourself. Interesting huh ? This is me on or in the internet. This is a digital mirror put up in cyberspace that will let you know a little about who I am and how I operate. But really, there\'s a big world out there and how many people can really ( I mean really ) know who you are...

In either case, if you haven\'t already done it go ahead and give it a go. See what comes up

Tonight, I have been giving consideration into moving a domain name I have with Go Daddy into my own personal site.

At one point you\'ve really got " brand " yourself. The best way is to get your own domain name being your own name and taking it from there.

But, what if there\'s already a person with the same name. Even going so far as a fairly close same middle initial ?

Well, what I am going to do here is give them a little bit of props in my blog. Cool name, cool sites and cool, positive personas here. So, here they are with a quick link.

A Musician

Another Musician / Composer


( Coming Soon To A Website Near You )

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Corey R Jackson
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