Monday, December 5, 2011

Are these real blogs or just...

Long Winded Advertisements

( O.K. I know and understand that some people here may actually have blogs that they would simply like a few others to see or read but come on now ? We all have some kind of other intent here, don\'t we ? )

Clicking, Clicking, Clicking...

Not sure how much longer I can go about clicking for credits

It\'s time to step it all up a notch and take some real actions to create my "own" following. Using my own words, knowledge, skills and creating my own list of actual followers who would be interested in hearing what it is that I may have to put out.

I will create value for you and in return for myself.

That\'s how it works...

Signing off

CR "Action" Jackson (FaceBook Fan Page)

Thank You All And Thank You Walt For Giving Me a Kick Start On Re Starting My Blogging Efforts

Although, I am a little bummed that I lost (suspended) my WordPress Blog because I was trying to link this blog with that one. I did have a good amount of content that I am not sure how to get back.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated and if there is a way that I can return the value then please allow.

Cheers !