Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh you...Mr. Chairmen Ben Bernanke

You sure do have a way of getting those arrows up and those boards go green.

But, I only really heard you in the background talking your talk. What was I doing instead ? Well, along with working part time at a really popular "neighborhood" grocery store as well as doing some aff/internet marketing with TheWealthVault.

I also act as an independent agent for one of the few pure play publicly traded digital content distribution and mobile app companies and I was writing an email to a potential partner on Apples new subscription based model along with how this company is poised to be ahead of the curve by taking the whole process under their control (outside of course by staying within the guidelines and specific rules of that game changer themselves Apple) with creating their own proprietary software and developing their own in house app store.

Future development may be written here ( and if you a publisher of unique online content or are interested in the mobile "app" world please do go ahead and contact me or leave a link with your site ) but that\'s what I was doing while our Fed chairmen was giving his "historic" speech that is alway\'s bound to move markets. " The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" a quote on what I just overheard on Bloomberg.

Now on to a few topics in the latest Wealth Wire then I need to get going to my j.o.b.

Thanks for reading.

In This Wire...

Leaving Las Vegas with a $4.3 Million Dollar Loss
Texas University Endowment Holds Almost $1 Billion in Gold Bars
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Dollar Weakens for Sixth Day Versus Euro
Why is China spending billions in the Caribbean?
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DayDreaming and Deleting...

The birds are singing, the coffee is still hot and Bloomberg TV is on but I can\'t seem to grasp reality today.

A typical morning includes checking both email accounts only to find several ( o.k. maybe much more ) offers, pitches and new opportunities to join. Why ? Why ? Why ? do I put myself through the time consuming act of hitting the catch all button, scanning the title or sender of each email, un-checking only the very few that catch my attention (hint: it\'s not the one\'s that promise me instant cash by the end of the day or make this many G\'s by next week) and then clicking on those few promising emails only to find a huge page where I simply hit the page down button to go first to the cost. Then it\'s normally back to the delete button where it brings up a secondary or third pitch. Open up that wallet is what they are all saying.

Sound familiar ?

I am a member of several "safelists", downline builders and "credits" based email lists but come on now who really has the time to spend 12, 15 or 20 seconds on hundreds of emails daily ? That\'s a job in and of itself and how much does it really pay off ? Yes, honestly I do click on about 80% of the IBS credit emails. I do desire those eyeballs on my words and potential members in my program pitch but how about a few genuine entries besides a pure marketing copy ?

Lot\'s of questions here this morning and now on to my own cut/paste WealthWire copy. (One of the few emails I look forward to) Now, this is how it works. The WealthVault has this free service but the real inside premium content is updated and sent out to paid members approx 2 x each month .

Check out the value in the free emails first (if you are so inclined and interested in renegade thinking and investing) then decide for yourself if you desire the full and potentially life changing info found only inside...

Here we go:
In This Wire...

Can YOU Be The �Millionaire Next Door�?
Wake Up! The Age Of Cheap Natural Resources Is Over
What�s the cheapest asset in the world?
The Big Secret for the Small Investor
How to work on an organic farm for free
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Thanks for reading...Now back to my daydreaming (Hahhh, so nice)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Too Nice To Blog

Really, it\'s a beautiful day outside here in San Diego and I can\'t write these words fast enough before I get out to enjoy but I need to stay consistent. Like I said and am sure you are fully aware. Things are simply not going to happen if you take no action.

So here it is my quick blog of the day...

It\'s going to include some info from the WealthWire

It\'g going to include my thoughts on ViralInBox ( I only now signed up and haven\'t read through all the instructions so if anyone else out there has some real thoughts on how to best make use of this new "hot" thing going around the old internet marketers wold, then please let me know )

It\'s going to include a short overview of what is being "sold" as a new approach to financial success with a Team Building Approach. Again, I only signed up for this moments ago under a man from Australia of whom I have followed for some time James Kelly. First off here my link

4 Steps
1. Sign Up for Free (Easy)
2. Build A Team ( Much more difficult )
3. Select A Business Op As A Team ( First look above at building that team = marketing in my book )
4. Join Selected Business Op As A Team ( Again, not sure why or how I get myself to do these things but what the heck )

In my simplistic mind there really only 2 known and true way\'s to achieve wealth and I am sure everyone here know\'s exactly what I am talking about.

And now on to the cut and paste part of the FREE Wealth Wire Digest.
I receive this in my email and as I had mentioned in previous posts and in the title of this blog. I am a full paid member and affiliate. Yes, full disclosure as to my intentions.

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The �Life in a Day� Trailer
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The contrarian case for Uranium is compelling
Internet Kill Switch
An Easier Way to Apply for Loans
The dire message of Gold
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Way too much time here. Off for a cruise on the boardwalk. My form of both free entertainment and exercise.
Cheers and thanks for reading.

Corey R Jackson
( calicore3 )

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Suspended Account? Free WealthWire Digest...

Hmmm...over the past couple day\'s when I tried logging in via my bookmarked page a message appeared.

"Account Suspended"

I wondered if it was something that I had said
I wondered if it was something that I didn\'t say
It\'s all good, cause here I am and here are my words

Thanks for reading

This weeks FREE WealthWire Digest includes:
In This Wire...

Surprise! Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move
How To Retire Young
ProtectYourVision Helps You Take Screen Breaks to Avoid Eye Strain
So What Is Silver Shouting About?
How to Remove Yourself from Facebook Public Search
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A Simple, Reliable Forex Technique
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You can sign up for it at the above link or here at

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Not sure how I came across this site. I believe it was from a FaceBook invite from " Share Your Business With The World. " From what I see. 1st They have a very catch name ( what a play on the other "list" site ) 2nd. There are less then 300 members so far and the opportunity to create your own group. ( I created my group Passion and Profits for use of promoting the above WealthVault Aff ) and 3 it\'s free.

I think that my mind is starting to grasp this whole internet marketing thing. It\'s about providing real value first. Share what you know and hopefully people will begin to see the real intents behind your words. If they also find value with you they will begin to (big word here. big) TRUST you. When that happens, they get comfy and may even open up there wallets to join with you.

Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

63 Visitors and Counting $$$

I have been perusing the founding members blogs and recommended sites over the past few minutes here wonder to myself. " How are they making this whole internet marketing thing work ? "

I had touched upon it before but here it is again and really it\'s no secret. DO SOMETHING. Anything, do it now as I am writing these words.

Learn , Earn and Return...

A glimpse into the earliest memories of my relationship with money.

As a young teenager myself and a good friend would knock on doors in the neighborhood asking about pulling weeds, washing the car, cleaning etc...
My grandmother had bought me a small safe to put away some of my hard earned cash (actually mostly coins as we spent our profits on food, candy and music)
I alway\'s was aware that some kind of give and take was necessary in order to obtain this tool that would allow me to go for a burrito, buy a bunch of junk food or whatever.
My time, my energy, my sweat was to be exchanged for those little pieces of paper for which "In God We Trust."

Coming to mind a John Lennon Song " Well, I Tell Them There\'s No Problem\'s Only Solutions. "

Thanks for reading


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