Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh you...Mr. Chairmen Ben Bernanke

You sure do have a way of getting those arrows up and those boards go green.

But, I only really heard you in the background talking your talk. What was I doing instead ? Well, along with working part time at a really popular "neighborhood" grocery store as well as doing some aff/internet marketing with TheWealthVault.

I also act as an independent agent for one of the few pure play publicly traded digital content distribution and mobile app companies and I was writing an email to a potential partner on Apples new subscription based model along with how this company is poised to be ahead of the curve by taking the whole process under their control (outside of course by staying within the guidelines and specific rules of that game changer themselves Apple) with creating their own proprietary software and developing their own in house app store.

Future development may be written here ( and if you a publisher of unique online content or are interested in the mobile "app" world please do go ahead and contact me or leave a link with your site ) but that\'s what I was doing while our Fed chairmen was giving his "historic" speech that is alway\'s bound to move markets. " The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" a quote on what I just overheard on Bloomberg.

Now on to a few topics in the latest Wealth Wire then I need to get going to my j.o.b.

Thanks for reading.

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