Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Not sure how I came across this site. I believe it was from a FaceBook invite from " Share Your Business With The World. " From what I see. 1st They have a very catch name ( what a play on the other "list" site ) 2nd. There are less then 300 members so far and the opportunity to create your own group. ( I created my group Passion and Profits for use of promoting the above WealthVault Aff ) and 3 it\'s free.


I think that my mind is starting to grasp this whole internet marketing thing. It\'s about providing real value first. Share what you know and hopefully people will begin to see the real intents behind your words. If they also find value with you they will begin to (big word here. big) TRUST you. When that happens, they get comfy and may even open up there wallets to join with you.

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