Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Could Really Use Some Help Around Here

Marketing 101 anyone ???

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Green ClickBank Experiment

I am going to be adding 42 "Green" links from Click Bank here in the very near future. Green is the new black... or something like that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

On Stress/ Money / and the Constructive/ Destructive Components of All

Stress from the Lack of Money
Strees from the Overabundance of money
Constructed to Destruct
Destructed to Construct

Oh Sweet Money

Let the stress come over me, feel it inside, breaking out into my whole of wholeness.

Now breath in what you "need" and release what you do not " need. "

It is all here within your reach

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thinking about re focusing and a new blog

Maybe going over to wordpress.org for a while.

Too Much Too Soon

So much information out there , so much to read through and find what works.

What does?

I need a brake

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow, I didn't even have to write this post

Traffic Python is a new site that says it guarantees more web visitors and online advertising with very little effort or cost. More importantly, it promises higher CONVERSIONS--signups and sales. So I decided to put it to the test...

My first impression was the site looks professional and clean, with an attractive look and feel. It is easy to read and understand. Joining the site was easy and painless--they do offer 2 upgrade options but they are not required to gain the benefits.

The Members Area is very well laid out and intuitive--I could figure out what to do after only a few minutes and was able to get up and running in less than 5 minutes. Inside the site, you create links and ads--the links you simply enter any URL links you use into the generator and it transforms them into "Traffic Python" links. You create ads for anything you want to promote using the Traffic Python Ad Generator, which is very easy to use. You can create as many links and as many ads as you like. And they are organized in a logical way--links are displayed in the order you create them but also your 5 most recent links appear on the main page for quick reference. Also, since the link generator is the tool you'll use most, it is also right at the top of the main page when you login. Very smart!

After you've created at least 1 link and 1 ad you can start to generate traffic. Just use and promote the new Traffic Python link instead of the original source link you had. Every time the Traffic Python link is clicked, the page loads followed by a small ad window in the lower right corner. It displays 3 ads PLUS an image with your affiliate link that goes back to Traffic Python. So if anyone clicks the Traffic Python image they see the site, and if they signup they become your referral. It's a great viral feature because you can build referrals without even trying to just by using the site.

Now every time the ad window displays (your Traffic Python links get clicked) you earn credits that get YOUR ad displayed in the ad windows when other members' links get clicked. So the more clicks, the more times your ads get displayed.

And this works virally--meaning as you make referrals into Traffic Python (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Traffic Python image on the ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. And this works up to 5 levels deep. So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Traffic Python also.

I didn't get to test the full effect of a big downline yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated--my links got clicked, I earned credits, and my ads got displayed. Traffic Python even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays. That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.

There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all--downline emailing. You can email your downline with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Traffic Python really shines. They took time to make the emailing often enough that it's valuable as a user, but no so often that it's a burden to your downline. But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. Now THAT's cool.

Overall I have to say I am impressed with Traffic Python. It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to increase traffic and advertising.

See it and join here:


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Changed My Blog Spot To My Name CoreyRJackson@Blogspot

DesktopLightning - Click Here For Free Traffic

Alright, After years and years of posts and mindless rambling here. I have changed names. I am still the PB Blogger ( cause I am still blogging from PB ) but I changed my BlogSpot name to my own. coreyrjackson at blogspot.

Oh Yeah , also trying this new downloaded link for Desktop Lightning 2.0

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another "PBlogger" out there

So I had typed in PBblogger . blogger and there is someone out there blogging in New York.
I suppose that I am PBBLOGG . blogger and am blogging from Pacific Beach.
Maybe this person's initials are P and B
In any case interesting blog
Maybe we can

Following My Own Blog and Directing with Tweet

Hours and hours here trying to figure out how to feedburn my site link to my site and thinking if i want to even upercase my eye's because it takes more time to hit shift then the I see what i am saying so i am here to make more conted and keep typing as fast as my little fingers can type this all being an experiment to go from thinking it out to acting it out and making it happen the it part being monetization of a blog or website and needing to promote my material so this is me typing this to me and hoping maybe one other person may be following as i ramble

Understanding Social Media Web 2.0 and Making it Work

That's what I am in the process of doing now myself. Probably wasting a bunch of time just as so many other people are wasting time with social media but then again what was the TV invented for in the first place then technology came along to implemt a larger grander scheme of time wasting wow look at me go go go without even period or stop in my line of thinking I am typing fast here maybe I will continue along this same blah blah blah blah path and write nothing but nothing where was my train of thought damn I think I have had one too many cups of coffee here as I go on an on and on but you know what for that one person down there at the bottom of my blog page whom may or may not acually be following me and for what reason I have no idea but here is the secret if it is a secret cause secrets are secret right well anyway content is king write something write anything post it out there see if someone will read a little of your jibberishh and then direct them somewhere where you would give them something of value for free at first then of course get there information somehow so you can send them offfers over and over and over again untill they finally break down and buy something from you funnell funell and when you give them something free then offer them an upgrade or bonus or one time only offer and see if they bite. So far I don't like any of the bait

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Room For Change

Having a phone interview today with the Career Services Dept at the University of Denver. Trying to get a good feel for what is available in the Green Job industry here in San Diego, maybe in Denver, or beyond. I enjoy interacting with people, exchanging ideas, and throughout the whole process making the world a better place.
Even as I am doing this my current situation has been "stale" no movement no forward energy and becoming a chore. When you make a consciouse effort to become better at what you are doing ( if you are in a j.o.b) then when the time comes for recognition (ie a little something more in your paycheck) and then you get a big goose egg (ie nothing) then it's time to make room for change.

I am doing this now and will follow forward in a positive matter.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Simply trying to get a following going, introduce you to me, and make something happen here on the internet.
I do know that opportunity is there for people who seek them. Enjoy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trader Joe's PB Blogger

Yesterday while at work a woman came through my line. As I do with most customers we sparked up a conversation. Turns out she had just returned from Machu Pichu. Nice, did the whole hike and full discovery. This somehow aligned with my blog here. Maybe she even visited to read the article posted yesterday.

The enlightened way to wealth following the path through Machu Pichu.

I haven't been there yet, but on may way
Have You ???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunscreen Guide / Natural News / Positive Wealth

So, I sent an email a few day's back to a friend of mine. It was in regards to natural sunscreens. This person is a clean living , natural eating , mindful of anything and everything he both puts on or in his body.
He is also an avid bodyboarder and spends much time in the sun.

Today, I received a response simply stating that he had already received the same link several times.

I suppose other people where thinking of him also upon reading this article.

Now, I was curious to see the link at Natural News dot com. Myself, I intend to be consciously in tune with both myself and the natural environment. But, I have also been somewhat hypocritical of myself in the past as I still eat meat, use too much energy, and partake in activities that may or may not be both harmful to myself and/or the environment.

I did , however, find a really inspiring and honest article written on wealth.

If that one person out there is still reading this blog , then I am not writing this simply for myself.

I will share it here...

Make it a great day

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Diego County Fair

Alright then , for the one person that I believe has read this blog and may or may not be following do not attempt the fair on 2 dollar tasting , free kids day , and 2 $ admission. There are tons of people out there looking to save a buck and that is going to make it a headache. Do you know how long it took us to get from PB ( Pacific Beach ) to the entrance of the fair grounds. Well, normally it would take about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. On this Tuesday it took 3 hours. Yes, three hours. Wow
But today we came back for a dollar... then I found a twenty dollar bill.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ping , Ping , Ping

Here we go. Continuing on the marketing scheme and will now attempt my first "ping."
Learning as I go but still going.
Making it happen. Also, you may have noticed some in text advertising. Trying this out with Konterra. Monetizing. Is that what we are here for. ( hmmm. now I am speaking to myself in third person )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whow ! Google Chrome Crashes

Crazy, I was writing some kind of "free ad" with Google Chrome. After getting to the last send button it crashed. There goes all that thought and copy put into writing my big advertisement for my 1-2-3 Power System.
Maybe , I need another boost.


Anyone out there ???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cashfromhomeovernight.com Website Up and Running

Go there and check it out. Here's the story... For the 1 (one) person whom actually has been on this blog and maybe just maybe even following it.

Well, after much trial and error I finally have my own "blingy" website for the 1-2-3 Power System Business.

I will be putting more up as time rolls on



Sunday, May 3, 2009

These Are The Current Opportunities That I Make Work

You can't guarantee that what works for one will work for another
You can simply decide to give each one a look
Make the decision for yourself

GOLD NUGGET INVEST ( Using Math To Win At The Betting Game )


A program that has since gone to personal invite only ( You would have to email me to get the details and link )

AFFORDABLE AFFILIATES ( I am sure that if you have been keeping your eyes and ears open then you would have heard of this )


Qlx3 Quantum Leap Times Three ( This is social marketing with an emphasis and opportunity for $$$ within )


If you don't want to have anything to do with the Internet and prefer the "Old School" Direct Marketing, Fax Blasting, Reverse Mailings
Well Here You Go


I am working on my FREE WEEBLY Account at


And You MUST Be Able To Market , Advertise , and Plain Get The Word Out

Here are 2 that I have purchased from in the past with very big names (and even bigger price tags at least when I got them) Yeah, you know Joe Vitale


http://www.HypnoticLibrary.com/g.o/CaliCore3 ( The whole Enchilada here )

Get Your TRAFFIC Here ( Because you know that people need to see and click on your websites, they do no good just sitting out there in cyberspace )


And When You Do ( and you will ) start making Money then you need to have a transaction site. Put it in , take it out...


Oh and One Last Thing
If You Don't Have A Site ( Or Several )
Get One Here


That's a good start
Now Get Marketing

Corey ("ActionJackson")


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Years Since My Last Post , hmmm???

Alright , so there is much happening in the world of Jackson
(That's Me)
and random thoughts , writings , and what not

It's now 2009. Maybe I will make this Blog thing actually happen.

A few months back , I got an email saying that "someone" had actually seen this site.

Wild , One Person Out Of Many

So , where's the second