Monday, June 14, 2010

New Blog

After spending so much time setting up this Google Blog and then trying to link it with every social website and every link tool I could think of ( I spent allot of time only figuring out how to use "feedburner")

It's time to make a move to a more professional and user friendly blog.

A couple years ago I purchased a "system." You can check it out by simply googling the 1-2-3 power system ( or you could go to my website at cashfromhomeovernightdotcom )

Anyway, along with the system I purchased this website (kind of foolish because I have no lead capture page associated with it) but I purchased the site through a third party and bought the domain name and hosting through Go Daddy.

A few months ago, I switched to because I thought this blog was getting a bit sloppy with my silly posts and rants and raves without so much as even thinking about proper wording or spelling and simply writing, writing and writing as much as I could. ( yeah, kind of like I am doing now) thinking that content was the only thing I necessary. The more words the more some web bot or whatnot would grab something and it would get publicized.

So onto the free blog then thought about the limitations with the free version.
Mainly being that it's not so easy to try and monetize. That's what we are all looking for. Right?

So then I thought about the website with GoDaddy and the hosting I have already been paying. I checked into the account and set up a blog. Maybe, I am starting to get a little more technically inclined because somehow it worked.

Now I have this blog attached to my website blog. Next, I need to figure out how to direct everything that I am doing to a main website that I would need to purchase. This would most likely be my name at CoreyRJackson dot com. Then I could organize the blog, my website and what not all together.

The plan being to simplify things as much as possible.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Not sure what I could offer in return for some free advice but that is one of my intentions. ie... to gather an arsenal of useful information to give away FREE then build value to begin creating some income.

At least that is the idea and it all starts with an idea
Next come action
Thanks for reading and all future posts will be directed to the Wordpress blog

Again Here at