Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why I am here and what is my intent ?

Intent... A powerful word. You fall asleep with an intent to wake up. Your day begins and it is your blank screen, able to make of it what you will. My intent here is to express myself in a more creative fashion and to , eventually , be able to make a living from a combination of the Internet , Investing , and Real Estate. I work at Trader Joes in PB on Garnett Blvd. I have lived here in PB since 95. I also worked at TJ's from around 97 - 00 , then left for some time and returned ( why ??? ) in 05.
This " Blogging " thing was an idea of mine as a response to all the questions we get in the lines about, " Hey , what's that Bell mean ? "
So, I was going to charge people a quarter for each time I gave an answer. Then I figured I may get in a little trouble for that so I decided to start a blog. " Go check my Blog " Eventually, I hope to get enough traffic and people on the site to sell some advertising or whatnot and make a buck or two. I have been checking out other blogs and have no real idea about all the links, the exchanges, the " stuff " they have on the site and how yet to make it popular and profitable.
So here I am writing only for myself.
Now, the 3 Bells at Trader Joes
1 Bell is for.....
2 Bells is for ....
3 Bells is for

I know , if anyone out there ever reads this then leave a comment and I will answer.

That's all
Have a great day ( talking to myself here )