Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunscreen Guide / Natural News / Positive Wealth

So, I sent an email a few day's back to a friend of mine. It was in regards to natural sunscreens. This person is a clean living , natural eating , mindful of anything and everything he both puts on or in his body.
He is also an avid bodyboarder and spends much time in the sun.

Today, I received a response simply stating that he had already received the same link several times.

I suppose other people where thinking of him also upon reading this article.

Now, I was curious to see the link at Natural News dot com. Myself, I intend to be consciously in tune with both myself and the natural environment. But, I have also been somewhat hypocritical of myself in the past as I still eat meat, use too much energy, and partake in activities that may or may not be both harmful to myself and/or the environment.

I did , however, find a really inspiring and honest article written on wealth.

If that one person out there is still reading this blog , then I am not writing this simply for myself.

I will share it here...

Make it a great day

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