Friday, August 21, 2009

Understanding Social Media Web 2.0 and Making it Work

That's what I am in the process of doing now myself. Probably wasting a bunch of time just as so many other people are wasting time with social media but then again what was the TV invented for in the first place then technology came along to implemt a larger grander scheme of time wasting wow look at me go go go without even period or stop in my line of thinking I am typing fast here maybe I will continue along this same blah blah blah blah path and write nothing but nothing where was my train of thought damn I think I have had one too many cups of coffee here as I go on an on and on but you know what for that one person down there at the bottom of my blog page whom may or may not acually be following me and for what reason I have no idea but here is the secret if it is a secret cause secrets are secret right well anyway content is king write something write anything post it out there see if someone will read a little of your jibberishh and then direct them somewhere where you would give them something of value for free at first then of course get there information somehow so you can send them offfers over and over and over again untill they finally break down and buy something from you funnell funell and when you give them something free then offer them an upgrade or bonus or one time only offer and see if they bite. So far I don't like any of the bait
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