Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DayDreaming and Deleting...


The birds are singing, the coffee is still hot and Bloomberg TV is on but I can\'t seem to grasp reality today.

A typical morning includes checking both email accounts only to find several ( o.k. maybe much more ) offers, pitches and new opportunities to join. Why ? Why ? Why ? do I put myself through the time consuming act of hitting the catch all button, scanning the title or sender of each email, un-checking only the very few that catch my attention (hint: it\'s not the one\'s that promise me instant cash by the end of the day or make this many G\'s by next week) and then clicking on those few promising emails only to find a huge page where I simply hit the page down button to go first to the cost. Then it\'s normally back to the delete button where it brings up a secondary or third pitch. Open up that wallet is what they are all saying.

Sound familiar ?

I am a member of several "safelists", downline builders and "credits" based email lists but come on now who really has the time to spend 12, 15 or 20 seconds on hundreds of emails daily ? That\'s a job in and of itself and how much does it really pay off ? Yes, honestly I do click on about 80% of the IBS credit emails. I do desire those eyeballs on my words and potential members in my program pitch but how about a few genuine entries besides a pure marketing copy ?

Lot\'s of questions here this morning and now on to my own cut/paste WealthWire copy. (One of the few emails I look forward to) Now, this is how it works. The WealthVault has this free service but the real inside premium content is updated and sent out to paid members approx 2 x each month .

Check out the value in the free emails first (if you are so inclined and interested in renegade thinking and investing) then decide for yourself if you desire the full and potentially life changing info found only inside...http://nanacast.com/vp/95713/40942/

Here we go:
In This Wire...

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Thanks for reading...Now back to my daydreaming (Hahhh, so nice)
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