Wednesday, April 13, 2011

63 Visitors and Counting $$$

I have been perusing the founding members blogs and recommended sites over the past few minutes here wonder to myself. " How are they making this whole internet marketing thing work ? "

I had touched upon it before but here it is again and really it\'s no secret. DO SOMETHING. Anything, do it now as I am writing these words.

Learn , Earn and Return...

A glimpse into the earliest memories of my relationship with money.

As a young teenager myself and a good friend would knock on doors in the neighborhood asking about pulling weeds, washing the car, cleaning etc...
My grandmother had bought me a small safe to put away some of my hard earned cash (actually mostly coins as we spent our profits on food, candy and music)
I alway\'s was aware that some kind of give and take was necessary in order to obtain this tool that would allow me to go for a burrito, buy a bunch of junk food or whatever.
My time, my energy, my sweat was to be exchanged for those little pieces of paper for which "In God We Trust."

Coming to mind a John Lennon Song " Well, I Tell Them There\'s No Problem\'s Only Solutions. "

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