Saturday, April 23, 2011

Too Nice To Blog

Really, it\'s a beautiful day outside here in San Diego and I can\'t write these words fast enough before I get out to enjoy but I need to stay consistent. Like I said and am sure you are fully aware. Things are simply not going to happen if you take no action.

So here it is my quick blog of the day...

It\'s going to include some info from the WealthWire

It\'g going to include my thoughts on ViralInBox ( I only now signed up and haven\'t read through all the instructions so if anyone else out there has some real thoughts on how to best make use of this new "hot" thing going around the old internet marketers wold, then please let me know )

It\'s going to include a short overview of what is being "sold" as a new approach to financial success with a Team Building Approach. Again, I only signed up for this moments ago under a man from Australia of whom I have followed for some time James Kelly. First off here my link

4 Steps
1. Sign Up for Free (Easy)
2. Build A Team ( Much more difficult )
3. Select A Business Op As A Team ( First look above at building that team = marketing in my book )
4. Join Selected Business Op As A Team ( Again, not sure why or how I get myself to do these things but what the heck )

In my simplistic mind there really only 2 known and true way\'s to achieve wealth and I am sure everyone here know\'s exactly what I am talking about.

And now on to the cut and paste part of the FREE Wealth Wire Digest.
I receive this in my email and as I had mentioned in previous posts and in the title of this blog. I am a full paid member and affiliate. Yes, full disclosure as to my intentions.

In This Wire...

The �Life in a Day� Trailer
Hedge Fund-Like Returns For The Little Guy (and Gal)
�Rock Star� Status To Actively Managed ETFs
5 Chinese Companies to Consider Investing In
The contrarian case for Uranium is compelling
Internet Kill Switch
An Easier Way to Apply for Loans
The dire message of Gold
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Way too much time here. Off for a cruise on the boardwalk. My form of both free entertainment and exercise.
Cheers and thanks for reading.

Corey R Jackson
( calicore3 )
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