Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends, Money, Interests A Contest...

This is going to brief because I really wasn\'t intending to write out a blog post today or tonight or right at this moment


Here it is and this is what I have to say about the topics listed above:

1. I only now found out how to add " friends " here on IBS and have so far added those who are in the San Diego area. ( If you\'d like to " friend " me, please get a hold of me and I would be happy to exchange eyeballs )
That is, I\'ll check out your blog if you check out mine...Cool Thanks

2. What is No One Here Interested In MONEY ???
I have been searching users here in the IBS database for such Interests and topics such as " stocks ", " invest " passive " profits " and even the most generic of terms " cash " / " money "

Nothing... It looks like I should be adding these word to my profile...

By the way, I was going to be doing my next post and then set a link here to a book I will be picking up soon called THE SOUL OF MONEY

Have you heard of it ?

A like minded fellow by the name of Jonathan Budd has a great video that I am about half way through on this very topic and book

Money , Relationships , Health

You could write a whole book on it. ( oh yeah, there are thousands )

And lastly, this little contest that Walt is putting on. Cool

Let\'s see hear. So far I have a little over 1200 views to this blog. ( maybe someone is actually reading these words and not simply waiting for the credits ) Either way. Cool.


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