Friday, May 27, 2011

F.U. Face Book ???

Do you value yourself ? Do you value your identity ? Your likes and dislikes ? Who you know and who they know and what they like and don\'t like ? Do you share personal information such as your sex, your age, your relationship status, the color of hair or your favorite whatever ? Do you share photos of your life and your innermost feelings online ? Are you constantly updating and letting others know who, what, where, when and how you are living your life ?

So many of us do and even with these words I am giving you ( an unknown reader ) a potential look under the hood of my mind where you can choose to come to any and all conclusions you may think on who I REALLY am.

If knowledge is power then information is gold to those who would choose to use this tool in order to sell you something, anything. Sometimes without even you knowing that you wanted or needed it in the first place.

Advertising...chaa - chinngg

Now what if we took that theory and turned it on it\'s side. Created a sense of value towards our identity. Would you pay me to know me ? Would you pay me to see these words ? To see a video or photos from my past, present or future ?

Would I do the same with you ?

Honestly I do not know...but there is a man out there who has given much thought on these matters and not only that but he is recruiting ( not sure if that is the correct word ) but he is bringing in others whom\'s to " pick their brains " on the subjects of privacy, ownership and monetization of information. It\'s not really any surprise that these are the youths of today ranging from 16 to 25 year olds ( more data / info )

This WealthWire brief description will give you an over view and you can click the link to read more of follow to the original article on Fast Company.

It caught my attention so much that I decided to head over to the site and sign up myself ( in private invitation beta mode only at the moment )

Le\'t see how this shakes up the whole social media marketing/advertising and monetization world.
Thanks for reading...

"Swedish entrepreneur wants to overthrow facebook
by David Zax

A new social network, MyCube, thinks that we devalue our information when we give it away for free. Founded by Swedish entrepreneur Johan Sta�l von Holstein, MyCube offers users the chance to monetize their data, through advertising or a system of �nanopayments.�

Johan Sta�l von Holstein doesn�t seem to like Mark Zuckerberg.

�I have 5,000 friends on Facebook,� says the Swedish-born entrepreneur, who lives in Singapore, but was about to board a flight from Barcelona to Germany, and then to Dubai, when we spoke by phone. �I could have had 10,000, but Mark Zuckerberg only lets me have five. I could have sent out an article to all of them, but I can�t, because Mark Zuckerberg only lets me send to 20 people. Mark Zuckerberg doesn�t let me do mass communication.�

Sta�l von Holstein is launching a Facebook competitor out of Singapore called MyCube; it�s currently in private beta. To hear Sta�l von Holstein tell...

Click here to read the full article... �"

( If I had enough or any subscribers at all I would send this out far and wide)

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