Thursday, May 5, 2011

IBS on FB? Where are my friends ?

So, I was going to do a blog post related to H.Y.I.P\'s ( I recently saw a posting offering ridiculous returns on a Forex trading site)
If you read even a little from my last post from Brad\'s perspective on these, you wouldn\'t touch something like this with a ten foot pole. And if you wanted to get that whole article then please let me know and I will send along the direct link or go ahead and search within the WealthWire free content for H.Y.I.P\'s.

Today I received an email from one of the owner\'s of a list building service of which I recently signed up for. ( I am not sure how many emails I can possibly process in a day but I went ahead and signed up for the initial free credits )

Oops, it\'s not IBS on FB but the list builder "LIST BUILDER" ( I am sure that IBS is on FB ) I would also suspect, or you had better be somewhere on FB to get a little marketing going on.

I am there both as a real person and as yet another community figure and as yet a ??? Really, I forgot but I did purchase a FB Fanpage tutorial from a man who has a ton of friends and therefore a ton of pull in the marketing world.

2 People Like Me and Yes, I am One.


I am really getting off track here as it\'s getting a little late here and if you have read up to this point....thanks

So, I wanted to know how to get a few "friends" here at IBS. What\'s the secret ?

Now a little copy and paste from the last Wealth Wire and time to get the pizza out of the oven

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