Thursday, May 26, 2011

Myself, Oprah The End Of The World...

It\'s late night here in San Diego ( approx 12:30 am ) and it seems as if every late night talk show host or even KPBS is talking about that beautiful, powerful, respected and more, more, more woman. The Big O...

What do myself and Oprah have in common ?

We share the same date of birth. Not the same year but the same month and day. I am not sure exactly what time she was born ( I do know what time I was born ) but we are both of the Water Bearing Sign. Add the month and the day and it would equal to a number that some see as a powerful symbol
January 29th...

Maybe that\'s all I really share with her but I enjoy to share it with you. Thanks

Now on to the WealthWire ( By the way the earth is still spinning and these words are still turning )
and here we go...

"A marketing lesson from the apocalypse

by Seth Godin
Author of the incredible book, Poke The Box

If you�re reading this blog, then the world didn�t end, at least in my time zone.

How does one market the end of the world? After all, you don�t have a big ad budget. Your �product� is something that has been marketed again and again through the ages and it has never worked. There�s significant peer pressure not to buy it�

And yet, every time, people succumb. They sell their belongings, stop paying into their kid�s college fund and create tension and despair.

Here�s the simple lesson:

Sell a story that some people want to believe. In fact, sell a story they already believe.

The story has to be integrated into your product. The iPad, for example, wasn�t something that people were clamoring for� but the story of it, the magic tablet, the universal book, the ticket to the fashion-geek tribe�there was a line out the door for that. The same way that every...

Click here to read the full article... � "

Thanks for reading and yes I do realize I kind of missed the news cycle with the whole "end of the world thing" but I thought about my title up there and thought it would fit.

Until December 2012


Next time I am going to speak of skimming from several different pot\'s ( maybe )

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