Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Gold, Flooding and The Class That Build Fortunes (Think Apps FB)

There\'s allot happening in world today. Everything from politics to lifestyle and environment. If you hadn\'t heard there\'s some serious flooding going on here in America along the great Mississippi River.

Not only does this affect the people all along the river but commerce is effected and this will effect everyone. The ease of movement of goods along that " Blue Gold. "

A surprising fact in regards to fresh water

" There�s no more fresh water on Earth today than there was a million years ago. Yet today, 6 billion people share it. "

And yet the population continues to grow. Simple supply and demand proves that we need to find better way\'s to manage this precious supply.

And there are those companies out there who\'s only mission is to do only that. Some say that water is the next oil. What do you think ?

In the latest Wealth Wire there is a teaser outline for a deeply researched report within this industry. The links up there at the top of this post.

Now, I am going to do a simple little cut and paste from the WW on the "FaceBook Class."
As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am involved in this world.
It is both fun and rewarding but not as easy as this article may have you believe.
Yet, there are still those out there that are challenging this business model and making it.

Thanks for reading...

" The class that built fortunes

by David Carr

ALL right, class, here�s your homework assignment: Devise an app. Get people to use it. Repeat.

That was the task for some Stanford students in the fall of 2007, in what became known here as the �Facebook Class.�

No one expected what happened next.

The students ended up getting millions of users for free apps that they designed to run on Facebook. And, as advertising rolled in, some of those students started making far more money than their professors.

Almost overnight, the Facebook Class fired up the careers and fortunes of more than two dozen students and teachers here. It also helped to pioneer a new model of entrepreneurship that has upturned the tech establishment: the lean start-up.

�Everything was happening so fast,� recalls Joachim De Lombaert, now 23. His team�s app netted $3,000 a day and morphed into a company that later sold for a six-figure sum.

�I almost didn�t realize what it all meant,� he says.

Neither did many of his classmates. Back...

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