Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, Managed Trading Accounts 17 Steps...

To live a healthier, wealthier and wisdom filled life.

I\'ve read a few "self help" books in my 35 years of existence on this big spinning rock floating through the Universe. Most of it seems to re hash the same old themes but it\'s alway\'s nice to get a little dose now and then to simply remind yourself that you are bigger and more complex or simpler than you might believe.

These 17 steps were outlined in a previous WealthWire report coming from the website of a Mr. Richard Cawte ( of whom I had never knew about until a couple day\'s back )
You can go ahead and read the complete article and link here at

Now onto Memorial Day here in the Good Ol U S of A

My father is a disabled Vietnam Vet and I grew up knowing all to well the sacrifices and experiences that our men / woman in uniform go through to keep us living the way we do here.
As we enjoy our day off ( o.k. not me, I have to be at work soon ) and fire up that grill or head to the beach. Take a little time to think about what\'s this Holiday is all about. Raise your Flag and give thanks. This is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Alright, briefly into Managed Trading Accounts. I have been a Member of The Wealth Vault since it\'s founding and have followed Brad since around 05. These guy\'s resonate with me in their thinking and approach taken to the subject of wealth creation, preservation and multiplication.

This report is available to all paid Wealth Vault subscribers or if you wanted to purchase it as a stand alone product, I believe there is an associated link.

Giving it over to Brad for a short review.
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" �Passive� Investment Income Through Managed Trading Accounts (MTAs)

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction of our 32-page report, Auto-Pilot ROI � How to Earn Hands-Off Investment Returns with Managed Trading Accounts.

Note: This report is included with a paid WV membership. Or, you can purchase it � la carte here�
by Brad Wajnman
Investment Director, The Wealth Vault

If you have money in the stock market, CDs, savings accounts, IRAs, pension plans, or any other investments and you�re NOT getting above-average market returns, then pay close attention� this may be the most important report you�ve ever read.

Because in 2008, while most investors saw their portfolios drop by 40% or more, my net overall return that year was over 173%.

It�s important that you understand something here: no stock broker or financial advisor cares about your hard earned money like you do. We�re all currently living in the perfect economic storm and there�s a good chance that you�re going to get screwed if you... "

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