Friday, September 9, 2011


These were the Headlines across the front page of today\'s San Diego Union Tribune.

Supposedly, a single worker in Arizona flipped the wrong switch while replacing a critical part in our Nations energy grid system



No Power. Lights Out. Time to see some stars...

I was biking and talking with a dear friend on the Mission Bay Boardwalk at dusk. We were running around all kinds of scenarios in our minds as the hot, intense sun set behind the water giving off a beautiful light.

What if ? What if this were the beginning of the end ?

What would you miss about this physical realm of reality we call the earth ?

We both had a long list.

What\'s Yours ???

What could positively come away from all of this ?

Without the normal distractions ( luxuries for many ) of everyday life such as TV, Computers, The Internet or simply the basic power source of electricity.

People, humanity, seemed to simply exist. Play, Bike, Walk, Talk,


WOW !!!

I have not yet turned on the TV. Instead picking up a book that my dear friend introduced me to and that I will mention here.

It\'s called, The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent. Living The Art Of Allowing

by Esther and Jerry Hicks ( The Teachings of Abraham )

On one hand this may be the silver lining on this nearly 12 hour ordeal.

Let\'s Create Some Positive Jobs For Those Out There Obama Is Speaking Of By Re-Creating Our Own Energy Grid In An Efficient, Earth Friendly Way.

Anyone heard of the G.E.N.I ( Global Energy Network Initiative ) out here ?

Check it out. It may open your eyes to some radical new ideas about how we could (and are fully capable ) of Powering Our World

Thanks for reading...

Corey Jackson


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