Friday, September 23, 2011

47 Is A Good # ( Now onto 48 ) Sorry Google (Cool, I can send this)

47 Posts up to this moment of 48 Posts...Happy to feel as if forward progress is being made. Thanks IBS for getting these blogging fingers moving again.

Both these numbers feel good to me

Why ???

Can\'t really say for sure but they have a way of resonating with me.

Come on now, I am sure you have a few favorite #\'s out there. Maybe it\'s the magical 111 because of the universal vibration to it or maybe it\'s the never ending always in motion 8. Or even the good old solid # 5. Whatever it is #\'s are neat ( geeky huh ? )

Something about #\'s and the energy or vibration they give.

Now, I have to apologize here to the big old Google

Why ???

Cause, I am not sure if I am exactly playing by the rules and have already been shut out of my adwords account for misdirected landing pages. I think it has something to do with affiliate marketing and the page the ad landing on not being 100% yours.

In either case, I have a 100 dollar adword gift card here at my disposal but am not sure of how to go about using it.

Suppose, I could open up all new accounts.

Also, thanks for those few clicks here from this blog on the newly created adsense advertising located down there ( yeah maybe it\'s a flashing or moving or gently suggesting you somehow to click, click, click then buy, buy, buy )

Oh wait, that\'s me writing those words.

And another sorry to Google for trying a few times to spin some content and articles. Supposed to help build back links or what not but I really think the best way to go about all of this is to simply keep writing and writing and writing.

Cool, had to get that all of my chest.

Feel much better now.

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