Monday, September 5, 2011

Are YOU Laboring on Labor Day ???

I have just finished reading today\'s Wealth Wire Report Entitled, Don\'t Celebrate Trading Time For Money Today. It\'s a short report basically letting you ( and myself ) know how our investment director at The Wealth Vault went from working 7 day\'s a week as a freelance artist ( and a pretty darn good one at that, you can see his work at bradweinman dot com ) to being able to have both the TIME and FREEDOM (financial or whatever be your choice) to do what it is that drives you. To take your passions into reality.

Myself ???

I need to be at work today by One P.M.

That darn time clock currently runs my life.

In fact, I was contemplating a little while back about coming up with a website. The theme and title being.

The Time Clock Is My Enemy

What do you think ? Is the time clock also your enemy ? How do you feel when you absolutely need to be somewhere. Trading your precious time for a little of that other precious resource we all need to get through.

MONEY is kind of like LIFE\'S LUBRICANT if you think about it...


and on another note...

If you have a few minutes to read up on why you labor should be that of love

Here is Gary A Scott wishing us all a Happy Labors

Interesting poem in here by Khalil Gibram from The Prophet On Work

Profit and Prophet

Thanks for reading everyone. ENJOY

Corey R Jackson


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