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((( Read and Heed ))) Behavior and Mindset...

Happy Friday All

This is my big 5 0 post and honestly I was going to do my first ever video blog. I wanted you to see me, hear, me, feel me come through your computer speakers as I introduced myself as a very real person with very real personal ideals, goals, challenges and breakthroughs...

But, I am not feeling so well tonight as I write these words and wouldn\'t want to show myself to the world while my eyes glazed over, my voice cracked and slime oozed from my...

alright that\'s enough huh ?

Let\'s get on to the topic of this post and it boils down to 2 words

Behavior and Mindset

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Corey Jackson


From Barry Goss

Publisher, The Wealth Vault

Several months ago, we released a new content section within the WV members\' area called High-Yield Wealth From The Inside Out.

Via the detailed introduction to this new ongoing series, I made a confession to our members that, ironically enough, doesn\'t even jive with who I am, or what I like sharing with the world.

You see, for the last 10 years, I\'ve been knee-deep in raw, let\'s-discuss-things-in-a-real-way personal growth and metaphysics. As indicated in my interview with Heather here, I really don\'t care for overly-abstract, lofty, or pie-in-the-sky teachings.

As a matter of fact, I\'m a firm believer that the more you go right to the heart of the things that scare you the most (or that feel good the least), the better off you are (see my blog post, The Dark Night of The Soul).

In life, just as in self improvement and the matters of money and wealth, you either get RESULTS or you don\'t.

And if you\'re consistently struggling with the latter part (i.e., not getting ordoing what you say you want to get or do), you have to look no further than one area of your activity:

Your behavior, and your mindset. They\'re the most clear mirror you\'ll ever have for if, and how, you\'re getting in your own way. Behavior and mindset never, ever, ever lie!

So, why did it take me over a year to agree with Brad that, Yes, indeed, Sir, we should have a section that discusses the intangibles that turn average, everyday people into thriving, abundant, wealthy ones?

The answer is simply this:

I want the WV to cater to those who are ALREADY tuned up and ready to utilize our hard wealth resources (i.e., the \'WV\' in its current state as a rolodex for unique investment and wealth-building contacts and ideas).

Yet, after 21 months of serving thousands of paid members, across 40 different countries, a man gets to notice some things.

One of the most interesting side benefits of searching, sorting, screening, and selecting high-caliber best-of-class unconventional investment ideas is the HUMAN ELEMENT.

Especially the dark side of how those that have (or want to have)... and those that don\'t have (and hope others don\'t, either)... each think.

Yup, it\'s always fun, educational, and sometimes even downright amusing to see limiting beliefs, tainted egos, and self-absorbed communication in action.

Now, don\'t get us wrong here. We adore and go the extra mile for our people who genuinely want to succeed. We care about members who care about getting positive results, and we want them to know what we know, and have access to information and contacts we have access to.

Yet, we\'re also known for our tough love, which means we\'re going to tell it like it is without sugar-coating the facts.

And, needless to say, we intentionally keep an arms-length distance to the minor few victim-driven, poverty-conscious folks who manage to squeak through into our club.

You know the type: they just love to whine, complain out of context, and focus on making excuses in order to justify their lack of success.

So, yes, even as an online publisher and research / content team, we certainly have to deal with the HUMAN ELEMENT every day. And, nothing drives us humans crazier or makes us hate ourselves more than to realize we\'ve been keeping ourselves from gaining the wealth, success, and happiness we say we want in our lives.

A very good (but admittedly unpopular) way for us to help our members work with (not against) their best interests is to take them places that mayruffle their feathers a bit critical-thinking and raw stories that may break apart their current view of reality and expand their perspectives.

Yes, the right paradigm shifts are certainly good for you. But, like all the best medicines, many don\'t taste very nice.

So, why am I sharing this with you somebody who may not yet be a paid-up member?

Because I want you to know ahead of time where we\'re coming from: we mean business, we demand results, and we expect self-accountability from everyone who enters our Vault.

Our entire business team is made up of big-boy and big-girl entrepreneurs and investors. So, if you want to play (and profit) with us, at least you can say you knew ahead of time how we roll :)

On that note, I created a quick INTRO VIDEO to our High-Yield Wealth From The Inside Out section.

In it, you\'ll learn about the Wealth Paradox... something that everyone striving for wealth (whether to find it and/or maintain it) should understand.

You can watch it here...

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