Friday, October 7, 2011

Ask First To Yourself, WHY ?

We may already be clear on the what part


Do you know why ???

A partial list ( off the top of my head ) of my what\'s

  1. Completely Pay Off All Debs Owed

  2. Have a 6 month to 1 year emergency fund (liquid)

  3. Work at my current j.o.b. 3 day\'s a week ( with an option for longer periods of breaks )

  4. 2 new bike tires and a new automobile

  5. Bring in 3 to 6 thousand monthly on auto pilot ( having my money work hard for me )

  6. Take a 3 to 6 week vacation ( thinking South America or even Asia )

  7. Bring in 3 new clients for app development

  8. A new custom longboard and nice warm comfy wetsuit

And that\'s only off the top of my head...

And Now Onto The Why\'s

  1. Staying True to my WORD and being of INTEGRITY

  2. Security

  3. I enjoy the people/community orientated process ( I work at Trader Joe\'s in PB / SD )

  4. Forward in movement and transportation are key

  5. Allowing those with more knowledge and skills with money ( I can/will continue to work on the energy development ) to compound/grow my money

  6. To explore my mind and skills from another point of view

  7. I am having fun with prospecting for clients and keeping up with the business relations

  8. To feel the glide of new glass on my feet and warmth of my own body heat

That Felt GOOD !!!

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Thanks for reading all, much appreciated...

Corey Jackson


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