Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I first heard the news today around 5:45 pm from a customer and friend at work ( Trader Joes )

We all knew it was a matter of time

We all knew it was inevitable

In fact, it was well spoken by this man on many occasions.

It is something not a single one of us can or will escape.

What\'s strange is to think back and really look at the way\'s one person can effect literally THE WORLD

How we relate to ourselves and others.

Since getting off work tonight, I have been glued to the TV and have searched into the Internet

Today we lost a true innovator

I own an older version of The Mac and have yet to own an I-Phone ( honestly it\'s been nearly 8 years since I have even owned a cell phone )

On the side I work with a company that develops apps.

Please check out their latest subscription based Ultimate Life Collection

It includes over 100 tracks on everything from relaxation to super self esteem with both FREE and Premium Content included.

I am sure that they will be putting out a press release tomorrow.

At this point

The words seem hard to come by...

Thanks for reading

Corey Jackson


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