Monday, June 6, 2011

Kiner Klassic, Passive Profits BUTCHERED Steve Jobs

As I am writing these words as a conference is happening now in San Francisco. A big bruh ha ha over the big APPLE and guess who will be there ? Yes, there he is right now with a standing ovation dressed in his trademark black long sleeve sweater and jeans. The man himself Steve Jobs talking about all things tech for the game changer Apple. Cool...

(Again, I do play a role as an independent agent for one of the few pure play publicly traded digital content distribution and mobile app companies Metatron Inc. and it\'s mobile subsidiary)


Now to another topic with no relation to creating cash online or to passive profits but it does relate to passion and that\' a key ingredient for health, wealth and happiness.

All day yesterday (Sunday) was an absolutely beautiful day here in Souther California San Diego and it was the 3rd annual Kiner Klassic surf contest. A friendly longboard competition held at Tourmaline Surf Park complete with food, prizes, t-shirt (really nice actual black button ups) and fun all while enjoying moderate sized surf.

Since this is my blog, I can write what I want...Last year was first place....This year second place...Mike G, I will be training the rest of the year to take back my title. And there it is.

The WEALTH WIRE " Passive Profits Butchered"

Think to yourself what does it mean to really earn income online without little to no effort ???
How do you make your money work for you instead of the other way around ???
What do you use as leverage ???

Barry Gross briefly delves into this topic in a previous Wealth Wire report (again, of which is the free content offered by the Wealth Vault)

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Thanks for reading. Take it away Barry

" �Passive Income� Butchered To Pieces

by Barry Goss

There�s an ongoing and ever-growing trend of online marketers and bloggers who are stretching and re-definining the concept of passive income to apply to what they do� which has elements of passivity, but is not truly passive.

For example� you write an article, and post it on your blog. People search and find it, and if you�re selling something on that blog or through that post, you may earn income from those visitors. That SEEMS at first glance to be passive.

In reality, however, in order to rise in the search engine rankings to capture those visitors, you need to do ongoing SEO activities, or at LEAST regularly add content. That�s NOT passive.

Somebody has to take care of customer service. You can hire someone to do it, which is MORE passive, but you still need to oversee it and make sure processes are in place. Not passive.

If you have affiliates promote your site, they send the traffic and you don�t have to, so that�s...

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