Friday, June 10, 2011

A 30 Second Experiment Safe 7 % Yields (with muni bonds?)

30 Seconds. Period. That\'s really all I have to get your attention and read these words.

( That is if you are eyeballs are even here in the first place )

Yup, they might be right up there where that count down ticker is most likely somewhere around 15 seconds now.

( I had better get to the point )

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( 30 seconds are most likely up, so if your still reading these words. THANKS )


On to Barry Gross in today\'s Wealth Wire

"Safe 7% yields � the sky hasn�t fallen for muni bonds

by Barry Goss

On Feb 25th, via our WV member�s update, I wrote an article titled:

How To Profit From Whitney�s Fear-Mongering Anti-Muni Campaign

It was my contrarian take on the desire for the media and unthinking masses to latch onto the MAJOR �fear-ridden� non-sense going on in the municipal (muni) bond market � a market sector that, by historical standards, has been one of the safest (risk-free) places to park long-term cash for tax-sheltered fixed income.

At the time of the above writing, we were going on 12 straight weeks of outflows.

I encouraged our paid-up readers to take a strong look at the gloom and doom and see if the apparent mass exodus had any merit� or� if we can profit as the black shadow of fear squeezes the hearts of the faint and easily spooked.

Before we check back in, almost 4 months later, here�s a quick quote from my article:

�If there�s a current mass selling of munis � bonds which represent the bedrock of...

Click here to read the full article... � "

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