Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Letter Of Intention To The Community Of Pacific Beach, SD, CA...

A Letter Of Intention To The Community Of Pacific Beach, SD, CA…

So the computer decided to give me some issues over the weekend. Got the screen back and words flowing once again. For the first time (I had always worked on Sunday’s) I was able to check out the Car Show. Not as big or elaborate as our yearly car show in Pismo Beach (Classic CA as it’s called) but very nicely put together. However, and I wonder if it’s simply a matter of me getting older, I must say that Bikini show was borderline not family friendly. What kind of image is PB reinforcing?
Any way, here is my first attempt at the content for the “advertorial.” Not sure how many words to use but I feel as if it’s probably more than enough. Please feel free to edit, suggest or comment. I understand the deadline is a few day’s away.The price structure was approx 200 for the suggested sizing. Correct?
I still need to get you a decent photo (hopefully my friend will be able to get a few good shots) and I need to update that website. Not even sure if it’s best to put my phone number. I do want people to contact me somehow. And not sure about what to put on the website. Was thinking a short video and a link to my Resume / LinkedIn / etc… Hope you are having a great Monday Kimmie! Thank You for your time and energy with all of this. “To the people and community of Pacific Beach, Ca. This small piece of paradise that we are so fortunate enough to call home. I moved out here (reluctantly if you can believe that) from the beautiful Central Coast of Ca ( Pismo Beach ) during the Summer of 1994. We lived on Mission Blvd between Beryl & Wilbur in a large house that has since been renovated to it’s full potential. Wild to think that we could have purchased it back in 1999 for the ridiculous price of 350 G but this is not a story of Real Estate. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that ride. While attending SDSU, I took up a job at your “neighborhood grocery store” from 1996 through 1999. Then graduation and the whole world in front of me. I’ve worked on a small cruise ship in the great Pacific Northwest & Alaska, taught sailing, surfing, kayaking in & around the Bay, acted as a Tour Guide & Activities Coordinator for a well established International Language School, volunteered for one of our own revered local politicians helping push the Green Revolution, worked as a County Seasonal Park Ranger all the way down on the Border in The Open Space Preserve of The Tijuana River Estuary where I actually bought a condo off Dairy Mart Road and lived there full time for almost 3 years.
Coming back in 2006 to the position I took in College, once again, at your local ”neighborhood grocery store.” This is where and how most of you know me and where and how I have been privileged to get to know most of you. A great many have simply been smiling faces that we had shared but a fleeting moment in time. Many more had become friends on a personal level and others even becoming extended family as I have watched unions form, belly’s grow, babies emerge, then crawl, then walk and sometimes even help with scanning, bagging, etc.. (You know who your are) For nearly a decade in total, this was a shared, special microcosm of life.
It is now time to for me to break out from this comfort zone and allow life to offer me growth through change. It is, as they say, ”the only constant.“
This letter and these words are an attempt to show my appreciation to the great people of our community. ”Thank You” simply does not do justice. I am still here (as my roots have been planted) and I will continue to see you out and about. Surfing anywhere between the pier and the point (look for my floppy hat), cruising that 3 mile stretch of free entertainment or at one of our many fine establishments.
Thank You PB
Cheers !!!
Corey R Jackson
p.s. Yes…I am now fully ready, willing and able for the next phase of Career Development. If you believe me to be a fit, please contact me below. ( Or Really If You’d Simply Like To Re Connect ) Here I Am…
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