Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 1 % ers

( and No, I am and most likely You are, NOT part of the 1% ers But it\'s always good to shoot for the stars )

Whether you like it or not, the greatest transfer of wealth in human

history is taking place right now.

That makes YOU a target.

Wall Street pitches the surface-level notion of buy and hold investing,

without a pre-planned strategy to sell. And, the talking heads on television

rarely ever get deep enough to educate you properly.

Following the above advice is the equivalent of throwing money down

the toilet.

The unfortunate truth is anyone who ignores this reality is going to get

slaughtered and put through the meat grinder, ultimately losing everything

they\'ve worked so hard for.

But you can avoid following \'the herd,\' and instead

prosper in the new economy.

There are certain savvy investors who know how to position themselves

to profit in these uncertain times... and now you can piggyback off their


You see, there\'s one financial market that you\'ll probably never hear

mentioned on CNBC, yet Warren Buffett has used it to pile $2.3 billion

of profit into his coffer over the past few years...

George Soros used it to amass his $11 billion net worth and join the

ranks of the ber-wealthy.

And right now, you too have an opportunity to profit like these guys from

the same overlooked market.

Yup, you could be bankrolling a steady passive cash-flow to the tune of

3 - 10%+ PER MONTH on complete autopilot with the Financial Elite\'s

best-kept secret: MTAs

MTAs are something that 99% of investors simply don\'t know exist...

and what Wall Street and the banks hope you never find out about.

It\'s like nothing you\'ve seen before, but you\'ve gotta be


All my best,

Corey R Jackson


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