Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Letter To Jenkintown PA ( Goodway Group / Beryl Wolk ) & The Ups & Downs Of John Doe

***This Will Be A Simple Cut & Paste Of The Contact Email I Wrote Out To The Goodway Group. Why am I writing this as a blog post ? Good Question

1: To Take Action. Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing . . . Right ?

2: To Give Some Light & Make A Call To Action ( There's That Word Again ) In Order To Find Or Rather Attract Assistance To My Project Of Passion In Bringing My Great Grand Father's Memoir

" The Ups & Downs Of John Doe "

From The Raw Manuscript That It Is ( With My Mug As A Cover ) To A Shining " Real " Book Worthy Of Your Read.

Thank You For Being Here. Cheers !

A pic included here: Myself, Mr. Beryl Wolk & Frank Van Zon ( Where In The World Are You ? )

Recent Contact Us Inquiry (Beryl Wolk / Corey R Jackson)

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